Sparkle Crotch

On the 10/17/16 episode of Monday Night Raw, tumblr_of7v2yvetv1tzogbdo1_500Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens opened the show.  Two best friends attempting to silence the crowd.  Owens shares his great displeasure with his upcoming Universal Title defense against Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell.  Both Owens and Jericho accuse Mick Foley of having it out for them both.  Suddenly, Seth Rollins makes his appearance.

Rollins stirs the pot with the fact that Owens stood by as Jericho was the recipient of Rollins Pedigree in two consecutive weeks.  tumblr_of7vcbkd5b1srbyoyo1_500Owens reminded Rollins and the fans that one of them always takes the fall for the other i.e. Jericho always taking the fall for Owens.  Jericho tells Rollins he is aware of what is going and motions for The List of Jericho.  Rollins believes he is already on the list until Jericho admits he isn’t…yet.  Rollins tells Jericho to put his scarf, and tattoos on the list.  Then Rollins takes it further telling Jericho to put his sparkly tights on the list and proceeds to call Jericho, “Sparkle Crotch.”

Yes, ladies and gentle Chris Jericho is now and forever Sparkle Crotch.


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