Deadman Walking …on Crutches

The Undertaker, Mark Calaway, has a photo (two actually) that went viral on the internet via social media.  This photo is courtesy of the Pro Wrestling & MMA Twitter account.  We see Calaway with a Starbucks barista in this impromptu photo op.

We can only speculate as to the reason Mark requires crutches.  Rumors are circulating that Calaway may have wrestled his last match at WWE Wrestlemania 32.  Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Live indicated:

“Obviously [The Undertaker] is hurt. He has been on two crutches, not just one. People are always asking about Undertaker at WrestleMania, and usually, when it’s October, the usual word is when I ask people who are friends with him are like ‘he ain’t coming back this year, he’s done,” shared Meltzer. “And then around the end of November, it’s like ‘well, maybe he’s gonna come back,’ and then by December he’s got a match. That’s the cycle every single year. Put it this way, I looked at those pictures and I thought, man, he may be done for real this time.”

I will try not to speculate but I will wish Mark Calaway a speedy recovery.

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