Review: Smackdown Live (10/11/16)

tumblr_oewqp9n3hb1tzogbdo1_500The show opened with the new Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler.  He addressed the fans and eluded that he might not have been on Smackdown Live last night.  “This is where I belong,” he told the fans.  The Miz and Maryse showed looking like they were dressed to attend a funeral, the loss of the IC title no doubt.  They actually mourned the death of the Intercontinental Championship.

The story between Ziggler and The Miz is not over.  The promo ends with The Spirit Squad v. Ziggler in a handicap match.  Ziggler gets the win and then an ambush by The Miz with help from The Spirit Squad.  Heath Slater and Rhyno show to make the save.  I imagine that we will see a six-tag match with them next week.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryant made their Survivor Series announcement.  A  five-on-five survivor series against the RAW brand along with five-on-five tag-team and women’s five-on-five survivor series elimination matches.  This is actually a great idea that properly incorporates both brands.tumblr_oewsihgn2t1tcg45yo1_1280

Carmella took on Naomi.  The match started with Carmella attacking before the bell to gain the upper hand.  I must say that I am liking Carmella’s role as a Heel.  She could teach Enzo and Cass a thing or two about dealing with opponents (read: RAW Review).  Nikki Bella interference, due to an earlier backstage altercation with Carmella, led to Naomi getting the win.  The Alexa Bliss interview after the match was scathing.  Daniel Bryan decided to give Alexa Bliss a rematch against Naomi next week.

Jimmy Uso took on Chad Gable.  The match ended with Jey Uso helping his brother get the win.  The Hype Bros had a locker room promo that later involved The Ascension.  These two teams make an interesting rivalry.tumblr_oet88tlagk1rmv1vdo1_500

Aj Styles delivered a very entertaining promo.  Dean Ambrose interrupts and tells Aj how much the champion likes the easy way .  Aj announced James Ellsworth as his opponent for the WWE World Championship.  Daniel Bryan decided to sanction the Styles v. Ellsworth match and made Ambrose the special referee.  Styles was prohibited from putting his hands on Ambrose or risk a fine and possibly suspension.  It took Ambrose a couple of minutes to empty his pockets in preparation to officiate the match.  There was a lot of shenanigans by Ambrose.  Two “Dirty Deeds” later by Ambrose helps Ellsworth to win the match.


Listening to the commentary throughout the night by the Smackdown Live announcers was painful.  Randy Orton’s backstage promo with Kane explores the question, can Bray Wyatt live in Orton’s world.  Kane agrees to take part in Orton’s plan and lets him know that he has issues.  tumblr_oeu73tuwar1untd6yo1_1280Aj Styles confronts Daniel and Shane.  Shane puts Aj in his place and reminds him that the history books will show James Ellsworth def. The WWE Champion Aj Styles.  Styles threatened to take things into his own hands from now on.

The main event featured Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper v. Randy Orton and Kane.  Harper’s and Wyatt’s in ring promo was decent and poetic.  It was a heavyweight brawl.  Harper looked good in this match.  He and Bray worked well together.  Kane did a great job giving Harper a push.  Orton delivered some classic moves as well.   Orton attempted to finish Wyatt with an RKO but is pushed  into a super kick by Harper.  The match ended with Kane disappearing and Harper in his place.  This mind trip allowed Wyatt to finish Orton with “Sister Abigail” and pick up the win.

What happened to Kane?

I like what Smackdown Live is doing with Bray Wyatt.  He is becoming the character that gets into your head and beats you with the mind games.  He is creepy and that is how he should be.

Hey, wasn’t Curt Hawkins supposed to announce his opponent while making his debut on Smackdown Live?


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