Thoughts on WWE No Mercy

No Mercy…

The pre-show match was an eight-man tag match featuring The Vaudevillians, The Ascension, The Hype Bros, and American Alpha.  It was a good opener and all four teams delivered a great show.  As I expected, American Alpha got the win and another push up the Tag-Team Division standings.

tumblr_oet2shusbo1u1ljrzo1_500Aj Styles retained the WWE World Championship as expected.  The match showcased some amazing and phenomenal ring work by Styles.  I believe John Cena will eventually win his 16th championship at a much larger pay-per-view like Wrestlemania.  Dean Ambrose situation reminds me of Roman Reigns; I believe the WWE is knocking him down a few pegs in order to develop his character further.  Dean will become champion again one day just not anytime soon in my opinion.

Curt Hawkins delivered another promo announcing the revelation of his opponent will occur at the upcoming Smackdown Live episode.  His promos make me laugh along with that baton he carries so…eloquently.  I believe his opponent is Apollo Crews but we shall see.tumblr_oet4vmy8ad1saykaxo1_400

The Usos continue their elevation of “Heel” status.  The wild and entertaining Samoans gave Slater and Rhyno another great push.  The Smackdown Tag-Team Championship stayed with Slater and Rhyno however, The Usos looked dominate.  I believe they will win the titles in a month or so.

Nikki Bella earned a win against Carmella.  Nikki looked good in the ring and showed some great power-moves.  Carmella is doing a great job as a Heel and some of her best work with Nikki.  The self-proclaimed “Princess of Staten Island” will continue her push up the ladder of the Smackdown Women’s Division.

tumblr_oet5ezar1s1uxtjooo1_500Baron Corbin is improving his presence in and out of the ring.  I think it was a good idea to have him work with Jack Swagger.  Swagger is getting the ring time he deserves and is giving Corbin a good push.  Corbin earned the win.  I expect this rivalry to continue through Survivor Series.

The Intercontinental Championship vs. Career match lived up to the hype.   The Miz and Maryse are the best at what they do and they did everything to stop Dolph Ziggler and end his career.  Ziggler gave his best performance at overcoming all of the odds including the interference of The Spirit Squad.  tumblr_oet7p7ube31saykaxo3_400The championship changed hands and Ziggler’s career is still intact.

Becky Lynch’s unexpected injury resulted in having the Smackdown Women’s Championship match pulled from the pay-per-view.  Alexa Bliss however, still had a match and it was against Naomi.  Bliss and tumblr_oet8jk9p6w1uxtjooo1_500Naomi delivered great ring work and the match could have gone either way.  Naomi earned the win much to Bliss’ dismay as she threw a feverish tantrum in the middle of the ring.  With Lynch out for thirty-days, I expect Bliss and Naomi to carry on a mini rivalry for the next month.

The main event was Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton.  The masters of mind-games put on a great match however, I questioned the decision to make this the main event.  The reason revealed itself as Luke Harper.  Harper’s surprise returned allowed Bray to earn the win.  I much preferred the appearance of “Sister Abigail”.  tumblr_oet9u8sxvp1saykaxo2_400Nonetheless, it is great to see Harper back and Bray finally scoring a victory at a pay-per-view event.

I enjoyed watching No Mercy.  The WWE Title and Intercontinental matches earned the top grades from me.  It should be interesting to see how the storylines progress in the upcoming Smackdown Live episodes.  I hope we learn the nature of Becky Lynch’s injury…it doesn’t sound serious and I wish her a speedy recovery.


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