Review: WWE Raw [10/3/16]

Monday Night Raw took place in Los Angeles.  There were some high and low moments throughout the night.  Here are the moments that were worthy of the grand stage.



The show opened with Roman Reigns starting his promo and quickly interrupted by Lana.  tumblr_oeixemxami1sbzhteo1_500The in-ring promo of Lana accusing Roman of wrongdoings towards her husband Rusev.  She tells him that he is going to Hell.  Lana was rudely dismissed by Reigns.  An angry Rusev stormed down to the ring and both men did their impromptu brawl.  tumblr_oeixom5ztb1sbzhteo1_500Rusev eventually sent Reigns over the barricade and then walked away with the United States Championship belt.  Reigns shows up out of nowhere and connects a Superman Punch onto Rusev’s jaw knocking out the Bulgarian Brute.  Reigns then tells Lana and a knocked out Rusev that if he is going to Hell then he is taking them with him to Hell in a Cell.  This was a good promo by Reigns…the more WWE allows him to be himself, the better he is on the mic.


tumblr_oeizxesdtx1sbzhteo1_500Backstage, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens attempt to insult the friendship of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.  Some funny stuff went down with Kutcher and Masterson getting the upper-hand until Jericho threatens them with “it”.  Later, in the ring, Jericho baits Owens into teaming up to fight The New Day.  The stipulation, if they win then they get a WWE Tag-Team Championship match the following week.  The New Day arrive and proceed to question the validity of such a challenge by imposing a championship huddle.  2016-10-04-03-02-42Eventually, all three members of The New Day are placed on The List of Jericho.  Woods earned a place on the list twice after insulting Owens.  Later in the night, the teams wrestled and put on a great performance.  Kutcher and Masterson were with announcers adding their comedic input towards the match.  It looked like Jeri-KO Were going to get put over by The New Day until Seth Rollins appeared.  Providing interference at ringside, tumblr_oejchwhroc1s3s7t3o3_400The New Day finished Jericho with The Midnight Hour and won the match.  Rollins got into the ring and Owens escapes only to see his “best friend” getting Pedigreed by Rollins.  Rollins looked strong and made a convincing statement for a rematch with Owens at Hell in a Cell.


tumblr_oei65hauwh1saykaxo1_400This was the main event match of the night and it was “glorious”.   Sasha Banks got her rematch against Charlotte Flair and both women put on a show.  This was the first time women headlined a main event match on RAW since Lita faced Trish Stratus over a decade ago.  Prior to the match, Dana Brooke attempted to bully Bayley; our loveable hugger tossed Brooke into a wall causing injury.  tumblr_oei712inrh1saykaxo3_400This left Charlotte without her valet.  This was a rematch from Clash of Champions however, it felt more like follow up to their incredible match at Summerslam. Both ladies put it all on the line and gave us a show to remember.  There were some amazing moves and moments.  In the end, Sasha finished Charlotte with The Bank statement to earn the victory. tumblr_oei6p5uvwz1tzogbdo1_500 Raw has a new Women’s Champion and I hope she holds onto it for a long time.


There other notable moments/matches during the night:  Sheamus and Cesaro continuing their tag-team run,  The Club making a statement against The Golden Truth, Seth Rollins telling Stephanie McMahon that Triple H’s worst mistake was marrying her, Sami Zayn defeating Titus O’Neal (I think Titus and his “Titus Brand” needs some rework), and Braun Strohman telling Raw management that if he doesn’t get a worthy opponent next week then “there won’t be a next week”.  The recognition of Breast Cancer survivors was very cool to see.  I would like to see Sami Zayn get a story arc and more opportunities to shine; the WWE needs to stop burying him with pointless matches.  Also, why are we repacking Emma into “Emmalina”?  Guess time will tell whether this is a good move.  There are other Hell in a Cell matches pending announcement…we’ll see how this pay-per-view shapes up in the coming weeks.


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