Review: WWE Clash of Champions

Last night, I spent three and a half hours watching WWE: Clash of Champions.  After the success of WWE: Backlash two weeks earlier, my expectations were very high for this event.  The event, overall was good however there were some points that had me questioning the decisions of the creative staff.  Here are my observations and opinions of the matches:

Nia Jax v. Alicia Fox

Nia Jax is a beast in the ring.  Let’s give Alicia Fox credit for her aggressive salvo against Jax.  There were moments when it looked like Fox was going to pullout the upset but in the end, Jax’s strength and power was too much to handle.  This was good match to continue selling Nia Jax dominance; I would love to see Jax have a story arc involving the beat down of Dana Brooke.

WWE World Tag Team Championship:  The New Day v. The Club

newday-1-696x435The New Day came out showing confidence and childish humor, promoting the power of “positivity”.  The Club started the match quickly taking out both Big E Langston and Xavier Woods in order to focus their unbridled aggression on Kofi Kingston.  The New Day regrouped  but the match was mostly two-on-one with The Club having the constant advantage.  It looked like The Club’s match to win however, Xavier and his trombone “Francesca” knocked out Anderson, which allowed Big E and Kofi to get the win with “The Midnight Hour”.  I expected The Club to win the Tag-Team Titles from The New Day but I should have know better given the fact that The New Day started the segment boasting about being the reigning tag-team champions for three-hundred and ninety-nine days.

WWE Cruiser Weight Championship:  TJ Perkins v. Brian Kendrick

This was a nice introduction to the cruiser weight championship.  Tj Perkins and Brian Kendrick put on a great show.  It wasn’t at the level of the Cruiser Weight Classic (CWC).  The story behind Perkins and Kendrick reminded me of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.  In the end, Perkins got the win but Kendrick got the last word.  This looks like a nice feud for the new Raw Cruiser Weight Division.

Best of 7:  Sheamus v. Cesaro

In the final, best of seven match, both men fought hard.  There was the moment when Cesaro did a dive through the ropes sending Sheamus into the barricade but Cesaro also went head-first into the floor.  The match ended in a “no contest” because both combatants were ruled incapacitated by WWE Medical Staff.  I thought Sheamus would win this  match and that we would eventually see Cesaro leave RAW for SmackDown Live.  Only time will tell as to what is next for these two superstars.

WWE Women’s Championship:  Charlotte Flair v. Sasha Banks v. Bayley

773fb156b26434fcefca634eacd95176_crop_northBefore the match, Charlotte Flair met Bayley backstage in an attempt to get into the head of our beloved “Hugger”.  Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley were great.  I did notice that there was not a lot of high-risk maneuvers during the match, which was great given the face-plants Sasha took to the floor during Summer Slam.  Dana Brooke continued her role as Charlotte’s valet interfering at key moments to prevent the title from changing hands.  Again, can we have Nia Jax in a story arc involving the beat down of Dana Brooke.  I expected Sasha to regain the Women’s Title.  Specifically, I thought Sasha would end up pinning Bayley to regain the title and create a new feud in the Women’s division.  but I should have know better given the fact that Michael Cole hyped Charlotte’s 11-0 winning streak in pay-per-view matches.  Maybe the WWE will have a new streak to promote down the road.

Chris Jericho v. Sami Zayn

0660332001460741051_filepickerThe two best friends that anyone could have went at it from the opening bell.  Sami Zayn delivered his array of aerial-assaults while Chris Jericho brought the technical savvy.  The match was Jericho’s to dominate and while Zayn looked good, Jericho looked better.  The match ended with Jericho countering one of Zayn’s moves with code-breaker for the pin.  I picked Jericho to win this match.  After the match, it looked like Jericho was crying…maybe giving Zayn the Gift of Jericho was too much for the snarky veteran.

WWE United States Championship:  Rusev v. Roman Reigns

roman-reigns-us-titleWhat do you get when the “Irresistible Force” meets “The Immovable Object”?  Reigns and Rusev tearing  each other apart.  This match was hard-hitting, power-moves, and agile counters that setup a match worthy of Summer-Slam.  Rusev looked strong and Reigns looked strong.  With that much strength in the ring, the match could have gone in either direction.  Lana did a great job with adding out-of-the-ring conundrums from distracting the ref while on the apron to pulling the referee out of the ring to prevent a Reigns pin-fall.  Rusev had a counter for just about every known move Reigns threw at him.  Reigns displayed the power of a juggernaut and used his Samoan might to power out Rusev’s “Accolade” submission hold.  I expected Rusev to win the match but there was no “machka” as Reigns dropped Rusev with an unexpected “Spear” to get the clean win.

WWE Universal Championship:  Kevin Owens v. Seth Rollins

092516_owens-rollins_1200I actually expected this match to end with Kevin Owens winning “clean”.  The pace and story throughout the match was good.  Seth Rollins clearly was the “baby-face” and did everything possible to get over on Owens.  Rollins employed the use of the barricade, over-the-top-rope dives, flying knee-shots, and frog-splashes.  Both combatants had near falls after executing their marquee finishing moves.  I loved it when both Owens and Rollins instigated each other with the “DX Crotch-Chop”.   Owens was never outdone by Rollins. Unfortunately, The Spanish Announcers’ Table fell victim to a KO Canon-Ball.  chris-jericho-kevin-owens-clash-of-champions-645x370I did not like the fact that Chris Jericho arrived late into the match and caused interference.  With the referee unconscious, Rollins ended up fighting both Owens and Jericho and when Rollins chased Jericho from ringside, Stephanie McMahon sent another referee to call the remainder of the match.  When Rollins got back into the ring, Owens finished him with the Pop-Up Power Bomb for the 3-count.

The outcomes typically define the next story arc for the RAW superstars.  Questions for tonight’s episode of RAW:

  • Will The New Day’s reign go beyond 400 days or will The Club get an immediate rematch?
  • Will Sasha blame Bayley for her inability to regain the Women’s Title?
  • Will Brian Kendrick reveal why he hates Tj Perkins?
  • Will Chris Jericho see the truth that Sami Zayn warns of Kevin Owens?
  • Will we learn why Stephanie McMahon waited so long to send out a second referee during the Universal Title match at Clash of Champions?
  • Will Seth Rollins get screwed again?  My Theory:


Let me know your thoughts and be sure to checkout The Dusty Haize Show on YouTube.



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