Roman Reigns – Road to Redemption

Since returning from suspension for violation of the Wellness Policy, WWE’s Roman Reigns is on a journey to change his character from a force-fed face to a Samoan brute with reckless abandon.  He has seen repeated opportunities within the Universal Championship title contention however, this version of Reigns must fight his way to the top of the WWE mainstream.  While this place is reserved for The New Era of athletes such as Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, Reigns is giving the mid-card credibility with his current feud with the United States Champion, Rusev.

Reigns brutalized Rusev during the 2016 WWE PPV Summerslam; the match ended in a disqualification as Reigns beat Rusev with chairs causing serious injuries to his ribs.  Reigns entered the number one contender matches for the Universal Championship and fell short due to the actions of Triple H.  In a match against champion Kevin Owens for a chance to competeroman-reigns-rusev-wwe-monday-night-raw for the Universal Title at “Clash of Champions”, Reigns put on one of his best in-ring performances.  Once again falling short due to the interference of Rusev.  Reigns was left beaten and broken.  This solidified his rematch against Rusev at “Clash of Champions” for the United States Championship.

Reigns promo skills are improving as it appears the Creative Staff is allowing him to be himself.  Whether he wins a title again now or in the future, Reigns journey could end up making him a likeable guy in the WWE Universe.

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